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Mistassini Lake

Mistassini Lake in Eeyou Istchee/Baie James region in Québec, Canada is where memorable fishing trips are made. On the bucket list for many, Mistassini Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Québec. The long, narrow lake covers approximately 2,335 km² and is about 160 km long; a knowledgeable guide is recommended on such a huge body of water. Fortunately, our guides at Mistassini Outfitting Camps have many years of experience in fishing the big lake and Rupert River and know not only the best fishing spots but also the safest routes around the lake.

Besides the usual sports fishing species; Walleye, Pike, Brook Trout and Lake Trout, which grow to trophy size on Mistassini Lake, experts continue to discover new species even today.

Mistassini Lake has been home to the Cree Nation since time immemorial.

When French explorers came to the area of the lake in the early 1600s, the lake was called ‘mista assini’ in Cree, meaning big rock. This referred to a large boulder located near the mouth of the Rupert River.  In the early 1800s, the community of Mistissini’s actual location was just a summer encampment due to the establishment of the Hudson Bay Company fur trading post on site. From this early experience in commerce comes a long tradition of providing services to fishermen and outdoor adventurers who continue to come today.

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