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Long before the arrival of the European settlers, Mistissini Cree were surrounded by the forests, lakes and streams of North Central Québec and for centuries, these resources have provided the staples of their economic and cultural subsistence: fur, fish, and game. Hunting, gathering, fishing and trapping have been a major part of Cree seasonal pursuits for generations, and many of these traditions continue today. The Cree language is often spoken in this region, and Cree syllabary is in use throughout the community.


Mistissini, Cree for “big rock,” was formerly referred to as Mistassini or Baie du Poste.

Developing in the 1800s with a Hudson Bay Company fur trading post, throughout the 1900s with government assistance and in 1975 with the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement, the region has expanded into a vibrant community of Cree, English and French speakers. The Mistissini Cree cherish their rich cultural heritage, vital present and vibrant future.

Today, Mistissini is a growing community of close to 4000 people nestled on the shores of Mistassini Lake. You will find everything you need in Mistissini, home of the largest fresh water lake in Québec – from restaurants to modern lodging; cultural activities; outdoor adventure; innovative architecture; wild nature; medical, banking; groceries, and fuel.

Our community lives a modern lifestyle that is still connected to life out on the land.

Those of us who work throughout the year still maintain our culture and traditions. And we still have community members who spend a large portion of their lives living out on the land.

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