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Our Team & Guides

It’s not easy being a Mistassini Outfitting Camps guide. We need guides who can do more than just find fish.

They have to be: skilled navigators, exceptional wilderness cooks, entertaining communicators, infinitely patient and yes, enjoyable to be with.

You will spend about 10 hours a day with your guide and we want to make sure each of those hours is both productive and enjoyable. We are very privileged of the team we have pulled together in this remote wilderness. Each member of the group has the knowledge, dedication and communication skills required to insure that your time on the water is both memorable and entertaining. They understand that their job is giving each angler the trip of their dreams.

Safety is their top priority.

Each guide is equipped with a first aid kit and proper emergency gear. Planning and preparation are part of their daily routine. Regular team meetings ensure that all guide members know the where and when of fish activity as well as the how. Inexperienced anglers can rest assured that teaching casting skills (spin, bait cast or fly) and general fishing skills is something our guides actually enjoy. Even first time anglers get to hone their fishing skills.

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